It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service if no one can find you.

Websites at the top of the search results (your competition) are not there by accident. They have tailored their websites to the specific keywords they believe potential customers are searching for, and are using search engine optimization (SEO) to maintain their top positions.

Surface SEO knows how to get you found by the people who want your goods or services. We use proven methods to help you overtake your competition and generate consistent new customers.

We approach search engine optimization the way it should: as a legitimate marketing strategy, with the sole purpose of seeing a return on investment. We develop your strategy with your specific goals in mind, taking the time to understand your industry, competition, and the psychological profile of your customers.

Most SEO Firms Miss The Big Picture

We don't sacrifice your message for the sake of cramming a few extra keywords into your copy, nor do we leave you on your own to figure out what to do once customers actually find your site.

We understand that the ultimate goal is to convert visitors into customers, and we are equipped to make that happen. Visitors should find engaging content and a website structured to promote conversions. Just as the arrangement of a retail store is important to influence customers' actions, so is the set-up of your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization

Don’t scream your message to every random passerby. Let us place you in front of people who are already looking for your products and services.

Content Writing

Content & Copywriting

You want content that is going to be read by people, not robots. Some agencies forget that. We write content that doesn’t just get found – it gets read.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

People are finding your website, so now what? We can consult on arranging your website in a way that converts visitors into paying customers.

  • Elizabeth_headshot

    Elizabeth & Allan HillOwners, Northwood Rings

    When we found Carlo we felt at ease immediately. His quick communication, dedication to helping our business grow and reach our ideal clients without taking shortcuts, as well as his talent and knowledge in marketing has taken our business from just the two of us, to needing to hire employees!

  • Alex Witherspoon

    Alex WitherspoonFounder, ATWLab Accelerator

    Most SEO firms just want to make a quick buck, but Carlo has always gone above and beyond by understanding the business and what it really needs strategically. At ATWLab we face a huge challenge in the diversity of our startups, and Carlo has proven reliable, flexible and simply better than the rest at delivering results.

  • Josh Gartenbaum Real Estate Broker

    Josh GartenbaumReal Estate Agent, Keller Williams Realty

    Carlo and the folks at Surface SEO are phenomenal copywriters! I’ve used them on multiple real estate projects so far and I earnestly believe their skillful wording helped solidify the visual imagery that drew buyers to our listings. I’m certain the investment I made in Surface SEO is but a fraction of the return I received and I recommend them to anyone who recognizes the value of hiring an expert in this field.

  • Brittany Feagans

    Brittany FeagansOwner, Brittany Feagans Photography

    Where do I even begin? After moving to a different state and being overwhelmed with building my photography business from scratch, Carlo has opened my eyes to a whole new way to attract clientele. Before hiring him I had only scratched the surface of my potential. Thanks Carlo!


Carlo Barajas - Founder of Surface SEO

Surface SEO was founded by me: Carlo Barajas.

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant that noticed there is a very low bar set in the industry. The digital marketing and SEO world is still in a wild west type phase right now – anything goes, and anyone can claim to “do SEO” or “do internet marketing.” This extremely low barrier to entry has led to the market being flooded by sub-par SEOs and Internet Marketing Consultants who are using antiquated tactics and strategies that are outright wrong.

Rather than focusing on “vanity metrics” that mean absolutely nothing, my team and I aim to address the question that any proper business owner should always be asking:

Is this campaign making money?

Ready To Get Found?

Stop wasting time with agencies running cookie-cutter campaigns – if you are ready for a digital marketing solution that works, get in touch with me by using the form below!