Lawrence, KS Marketing – SEO & SEM

If you’re a business owner in Lawrence, KS that’s looking for ways to leverage SEO and Internet Marketing, this section is for you.

As a former resident of Lawrence, KS for over 5 years, I noticed that there is a huge opportunity for local business owners to increase their exposure (and ultimately their profits) that many are not utilizing.

What I’m talking about, of course, is SEO and Internet Marketing. Let’s face it – there are quite a few small businesses abound in this relatively small town, which means competition is high. Oftentimes business owners in smaller locales rely solely on word of mouth to get their products and services known within the community. While that is a great way to build a solid customer base, wouldn’t it be nice to see an influx of customers because they’re finding you all on their own?

Remember that Lawrence, KS is a college town where there is continually a large number of people leaving and entering the community. That means that every year your customers are being replaced with new, wide-eyed students and residents that have never heard of you or your business. These new residents are typically a younger demographic and are going to take to the internet to find what they need when their car breaks down, they want a massage, or need the lawn mowed at the new house they are renting. Now imagine if someone in town typed in your service or product in Google – and you showed up #1 on the first page of results!

56% of people will click on the first search result, compared to 13% on the second result. (Based on a Cornell study). You can imagine how the percentages drop from there, and if you aren’t even showing up on the first page, you might as well be invisible.

So, if you think you might be interested in our local SEO marketing services for Lawrence, KS, get in touch Carlo Barajas - Founder of Surface SEOwith us today to schedule a free consultation, where I’ll tell you how your top three competitors are not only stealing your business online, but profiting from it as well. We can chat about your business, get a clear picture of your goals, and see if SEO is the best investment for you. If we seem like a good fit, we can discuss what steps we can take to get you where you want to be – the top.