Your Competition Is Telling Their Story… And Your Customers Are Listening

Does this sound a lot like you…?


You have an ecommerce store with a solid web design, a decent amount of traffic, and awesome products. Yet it still isn’t making the kinds of sales you KNOW it could be.


Meanwhile, it seems like your competitors, who are selling similar or even inferior products to yours, are cleaning up in sales.


So, what’s the problem? What do the “other guys” have that you don’t?


Quality copywriting!


Your website is a 24/7 salesperson for your products, and a great salesperson needs a great personality. Your competition has figured that out, creating a voice for their store that shows in every piece of content on their site. From their home page to their product descriptions, every line not only tells their story, it makes customers want to buy. You simply can’t compete using generic homepage copy and product descriptions that only talk about the basics like size and color – or even worse, are copied straight from the manufacturer (which also kills SEO potential)!

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You Know You Sell the Best, So Why Doesn’t Your Copy Reflect That?


For all the convenience of online shopping, you are still at a disadvantage to brick and mortar retail stores when it comes to certain parts of the shopping experience.


For instance, your customers can’t interact with your product before they buy it. They can’t feel how soft your blankets are, taste how delicious your popcorn is, or smell the soft floral notes in your perfume. All you have are words and pictures – and often the words are where many ecommerce shops drop the ball.


At Surface SEO, we can help you communicate what makes your products so great, in a style that’s engaging and fits with your brand. Whether you’re fun and informal, or a luxury brand that wants to capture a sense of refinement, we can help.


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